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Asoyama Japanese Restaurant



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Kyu Tataki

Lightly grilled beef with spicy house sauce


Red Tuna Tataki

Lightly seared red tuna


Salmon Tataki 

Lightly seared salmon with spicy house sauce


Tuna Tataki 

Lightly seared tuna with spicy house sauce


Beef Teriyaki 

Pan-fried tender beef, veggies with teriyaki sauce, and rice


Chicken Teriyaki 

Grilled tender chicken, veggies with teriyaki sauce, and rice


Salmon Teriyaki

Grilled tender salmon, veggies with teriyaki sauce, and rice


BBQ Salmon Kama 

Grilled salmon with house dressing



Korean-style marinated beef with vegetables, rice, and egg


Hamachi Kama

Grilled BBQ with yellowtail


Dori Katsu

Deep-fried breaded chicken and assorted vegetables with house sauce


Shrimp Cutlet

Breaded shrimp tempura


Fresh Oyster 

6 pieces fresh oyster with house dipping sauce

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Gake Tempura 

Crunchy deep-fried large oysters with special dipping sauce


Sushi Pizza 

Tempura sushi rice topped with assorted fish, tobiko, avocado, and Kaiware with sauce


Tuna Goma-ae

Tuna and avocado with goma-ae sauce


Tuna & Aspa 

Asparagus with sesame oil and ponzu radish and green onion


Yaki Shrimp  

7 pieces shrimp tempura with house sauce


Don Katsu

Deep-fried breaded pork and assorted vegetables with house sauce


Dori Karage

Japanese seasoned fried chicken with house sauce